CCT’s Hero Challenge winner Mr. Carlos Cruickshank is pictured here along with CCT and 284 Media Representatives on Friday, December 21st

CCT Customer Carlos Cruickshank Wins Grand Prize for Hero Challenge

December 24, 2018

CCT’s annual Hero Challenge wrapped up last Friday, December 21st, at Captain Mulligan’s, presenting Mr. Carlos Cruickshank with a cheque valued at $5,000 for completing a series of challenges with the best time of six minutes and fifty-three seconds against other participants.

CCT’s Marketing Manager Recaldo Richardson explained that CCT will continue to engage with their customers in exciting ways and entertain them.

CCT BVI Announces New Marketing Management

May 1, 2017

CCT BVI today announced new management and restructuring of its Marketing Department. Recaldo “Ricki” Richardson is named as the new Marketing Manager and Sheroma Hodge-Philip as Public Relations Supervisor.

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