Getting online has never been easier. Simply select from any of CCT’s three GOFASTLTE plan options. Each plan offers Unlimited Wireless Residential Internet and are priced to suit your budget and required data speed.


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Please ensure that router is plugged into a surge protection device to guard against damage to the router. Even if the router is plugged into surge protection device, it is possible for it to be damaged by power surges. CCT is not responsible for replacing routers that are damaged by external forces.

Did you know?

You are entitled to a 48-hour trial of GOFASTLTE service. If it does not meet your satisfaction after the trial you can return the device for a full refund.

GoFastLTE 1


up to 4mb/s down, 1mb/s up

Speed for email, social media, internet browsing, instant messaging and online shopping

GoFastLTE 2



up to 8mb/s down, 2mb/s up

Extra speed for email, social media, internet browsing, file sharing, audio streaming, online learning and research

GoFastLTE 3



up to 12mb/s down, 3mb/s up

Blazing high speed for Netflix, YouTube, multimedia streaming, social media and internet browsing