CEO of CCT Meets With Elmore Stoutt High School Business Students


CEO of CCT, Mr. Averad Penn yesterday met with a group of Elmore Stoutt High School Seniors who are currently working on their Principles of Business Assignment.

After an informative discussion with Mr. Penn, the students were invited for a tour of both the retail store and business offices. Students had the opportunity to ask the CEO a host of questions; gaining insight into CCT’s business type, its intensive operation, and the products and services it sells. The students also gained insight into what it’s like to be a CEO of a telecommunications company.

As the local telecommunications brand, CCT has a very strong interest in the progress of our youth.  “I look at students as future CEO’s of CCT and other local businesses. So it’s always exciting for me to have the opportunity to work with young people and hopefully give them some inspiration towards their future.” – said Mr. Penn

CCT prides itself on providing young people with high-level career opportunities in the BVI. Persons interested in working at CCT, have the opportunity to work in a host of career options including Sales, Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service, Administration, and Finance.