CCT commits to Virgin Gorda with new storefront opening

CCT stands firm on its commitment to the people of Virgin Gorda with the reopening and relocation of their new Virgin Gorda storefront. On a rainy October 1st morning in Virgin Gorda CCT held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of their brand new storefront in the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.

Sasha Flax, Sister Island Programme Coordinator, praised CCT for their outstanding efforts in the Virgin Gorda community in her speech saying “The acknowledgement of corporate social responsibility through countless sponsorships like the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival, initiatives with our community, schools and the recent contribution to the Virgin Gorda resilience team was a stellar example of how organizations should work within the community.”

Retail Services Manager, Jamalie Thomas, speaking on resilience and commitment to the Virgin Gorda community said the following, “In September 2017, as many of you may know, CCT was displaced by hurricane Irma. In addition to rebuilding and replacing our telecommunication infrastructure, we were also faced with relocating our storefront and today after three long years we are ecstatic to be back in the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.”

The first CCT office in Virgin Gorda opened some 20 years ago providing telecommunication services. The service offering has since expanded and evolved to include internet service and various business solutions.

Sales Rep Denise Stevens cuts ribbon with Jamalie Thomas
Sales Rep Denise Stevens cuts ribbon with Jamalie Thomas